Press reset

Update: if you are reading this after the Covid-19 chaos, we unfortunately had to come back after two weeks. We have good hopes to be able to continue this journey during summer. In the meantime, this blog will evolve to be more than a travel journal.

As a kid, going into an adventure was as simple as changing the cartridge of your NES or pressing the reset button. Something wasn't going according to plan? Press reset. You died? Press reset. You're bored? Just play another game... It was simple, yet super effective. I was filling my brain with all those amazing quests that sparked a desire to read, learn and more than anything else, embark on incredible adventures.

But let's be honest and a little cliché, you grow up and the occasions to enter into said adventures grow slimmer until, at some point, you've lost a bit of that taste for magic. It's my belief that it's precisely at that moment that you have to be able to press that iconic reset button. Some would call that escapism, I think it's the opposite.

when life was as easy as pressing reset

I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend that is ready to escape with me. We're embarking for a 9-month trip that will help us redefine our priorities. This blog is a tool to help me focus and tell stories.

If you know us, I'm happy you will be able to come with us through this golden brick road. If you are a random stranger from the internet, I'm glad you stumbled upon this website and I want you to know that you are warm-heartedly welcome to stay.