It’s not a big revelation, the world is noisy. Especially if you live in a city, need internet to get your daily fix of entertainment and, sometimes, work. You would think that a freaking pandemic would help the world get a little less noisy, but it hasn’t. It got noisier. The transition was too harsh and we got sucked into the internet machine. We desperately try to hold on to social media to keep a connection with our friends, but without acknowledging the veil and our need for short-term satisfaction. And that comes from someone who absolutely loves the World Wide Web, or at least, the possibilities offered by our hyper-connected earth. I want to take this opportunity to slow down, but I'm having a hard time to view this pandemic as anything other than a productivity challenge... I'm constantly switching between the necessity to simplify and my will to grow my instagram account. In Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport writes that we need “a philosophy that accepts new technologies … that prioritizes long-term meaning over short-term satisfaction”. And that’s the problem, I feel we’re not looking for long-term right now, we're waiting for the confinement to end and the world to get back to normal. Meanwhile, we indulge in short-term satisfaction instead of using this time to understand our relationship with the digital world.

I'm lucky to be able to distance myself from the internet in the best of ways. Yet, it's still hard.

Internet connects the world in a way we've never been able to before but, as a result, creates noise. I see the internet as a radio not perfectly in tune. I get the reception but I know it can get better and bring me more pleasant experiences if I take the time to tune it a little better and get rid of the interferences. I also acknowledge that this relationship will constantly evolve and I'll have to adapt. Right now, it's truly amazing how the digital world can keep us away from loneliness, but I believe it’s a connectivity that we have to learn to appreciate with intentionality. Instagram is not a solution to boredom and you end up aimlessly scrolling for infinity and beyond. We should define a moment in our day when we want to connect, see what our friends have been up to and, maybe, check a couple of cute puppies (because we’re only human after all). Sometimes, it’s good to be bored, I want to learn to listen to the wind and the subtle sounds that are too often covered by our minds. It might help the world get a little less noisy.